Tiger Hymn private medicine ceremonies are for those who wish to experience a powerfully guided sacred plant medicine experience in a confidential and impeccably held setting. Whether your quest is for specialised healing or simply to have the security and peace of mind that privacy can offer – this is your dedicated ceremony. From the quality sacred medicines themselves to the highly experienced facilitation, the divine medicine music, the beautiful location and the nutritious organic food, these ceremonies are intentionally designed around the calling of your individual healing needs.

In a safe, dogma-free container of non-judgement you will be guided to dive deep into your inner spaces to set yourself free from any burdens, hurts or limiting beliefs that may be robbing you of your innate connection to your peace, primal well-being and your divinity.


Our Sun Temple home is a hidden gem situated on the edge of a wild mountain overlooking the Welcome Glen valley surrounded by a beautiful array of indigenous flora and fauna. This gorgeous but simple piece of land energetically calls in healing with its deep under-ground river below and powerful ocean nearby.  At the back of the property we have a dedicated cottage and intimate ceremony space where we hold our private ceremonies. There are also many spaces in and around the property ideally suited for sitting in meditation and reflection. The previous custodian of this property was also a reputed shaman who likewise held powerful healing ceremonies and so the medicine tradition has serendipitously continued in our care.


a step-by-step journey

As you embark on your magnificent shamanic journey you will arrive at our Sun Temple home in the late afternoon to acclimatise into the space and prepare yourself for your sacred ceremony. You will already be in your process having followed the prescribed two week cleanse dieta in preparation for your journey. On arrival you will be met by myself, my wife who is an experienced doula and medicine woman and our little baby daughter. My wife will hold the space of preparing and serving the nourishment for our journey as well as being the outside feminine anchor.  After the sacred smudge in with scents from the mountain, there will be time to settle into the cottage where you are staying and to walk around the property and connect with this land. Our home is situated on the edge of a wild mountain overlooking the Welcome Glen valley where there is an array of indigenous flora and fauna.  You will also have the opportunity and time to sit in a quiet space to journal and meditate on your intentions for your coming sacred ceremony. It is suggested that you bring a journal or note book for this purpose.

As the sun sets we all  gather in the private ceremony temple to do a check-in and create our sacred container for the journey. Your journey nest (mattress and blanket) will be prepared to receive you including your bucket and sacrament cup.  Together we will set final intentions, discuss any concerns and unfold some distinctions on how to navigate the teachings of this medicine powerfully. By the end of this session you will feel grounded, safe and ready to enter into the medicine. It is then that we drink the sacrament and the main part of the ceremony will unfold for the next 4-6 hours. At all times you will be guided and held through your process by highly experienced facilitation, live sacred chants and medicine music and of course the ancient intelligence of these sacred plant medicines.

As our ceremony completes with a soft closing, a light meal will be served after which there will be space for mindful conversation on the ‘porch’ under the night sky where you can gently contemplate your magical journey and experience. When you are ready to sleep you can retire to the cottage and continue unfolding your sacred journey in the dream space.


In the morning depending on how early you rise there will be space once again to journal in our beautiful space as the sun rises in the valley. At around 8am a delicious organic breakfast will be served, all the foods served are optimally designed to nourish and support your body through this experience.  We will then gather for the last time in the temple where we will do a gentle breath-work and body integration session that will ground you back into your body and heart. This will be followed by our final check-out circle and the sealing of our sacred container. At this point in our  journey with all that has unfolded it will feel as if we have known each other for ages. There are few words to describe the magnificence of what can unfold in such a short space of time. Whether you are able to face your deepest fear and/or connect to your bliss and divinity the sense of triumph is unmistakable and the value of this experience unquantifiable.

On your way out as we all say our goodbyes we recommend that you complete your journey with a gentle but refreshing swim in the ocean completing an epic shamanic journey. The rest of the day should be spent doing activities that nourish and support your integration. It is also recommended, if you can, that you keep the following day free to rest and integrate even though you will be fully present, lucid and able to complete all your usual tasks. In the coming days I will follow up with you to see what support you will need on your journey ahead.


As part of the ceremony package you will get a micro-dosing kit of medicine to unfold your integration journey over the next three weeks where you are encouraged to journal your process while you receive insights and realisation as the medicine continues to gently communicate with you in the background of your awareness. In this time you will have access to my guidance and support on WhatsApp or Telegram. At the end of the three weeks we will do a closing check-in to seal and complete your process. In our experience this frame of 21 days from the beginning of the ceremony to completion creates an optimal opportunity for personal expansion and transformation to take its first step. From this point you can choose onwards to continue with private coaching or join further activities and events to unfold your magnificent journey.’


All Tiger Hymn ceremonies curate a unique shamanic journey that draws on prayers and chants from African, Shipibo, Huni Kuin, Red Path and Vedic Sanskrit healing traditions. This is weaved into a medicine tapestry of deeply personal soul-healing music, prayers and teachings that have been channeled through many years of running and facilitating plant medicine, breath-work and sound healing ceremonies. These ceremonies are not just a facilitated meeting with some of the most powerful plant sacred medicines in the world, they are a profound meeting of ancient chants and mantras that connect self to the deepest remembrance of soul. 


The sacrament used in Tiger Hymn private ceremonies is the very best of medicine brews that we keep just for this purpose. The raw plants that we work with in our medicines are ethically sourced through tribes, growers and organisations that we have built a long standing relationship with over many years. We always know what we are getting in terms of quality, knowing how the plants were harvested and the impact it had on the local environment.  We likewise have a very distinct and unique way we brew our medicines, a process that has been refined over a decade and drawn from various shamanic teachers who have graced our path.  The medicines are always cooked in a sacred way with prayers and smudging calling in the spirit of the plants and Mother Nature to heal and awaken each participant who partakes in the sacrament.