Spiritual and Life Coaching, Plant Medicine Integration Coaching,
Men’s Coaching, Wise Counsel

Private coaching sessions are available via Zoom or Skype

Up until now I have been happy with word-of-mouth and working a small number of consistent and very committed coaching clients in conjunction with my ceremony work. This lends a more personal quality to our coaching interactions, which has created the space for the process work to go so much deeper. Safety, trust and non-judgment are very important qualities of the container I like to hold.

Clients also have access to me on WhatsApp or a short call if they need urgent support. The mainstay of my clients do not live not in Cape Town – some are based in Jo’burg, Cypress and Lisbon. It has been such an enriching journey supporting and witnessing their growth albeit sometimes online.

Some clients do sessions with me in conjunction with their traditional psychologist as we are able to climb into deeper, more personal and mystical areas, especially when having plant medicine as a reference point. This becomes a perfect complement when dealing with issues like depression, addiction and shame/shadow work.

Most of the clients I work with are those undergoing a big transition in their life, finding their voice and learning to unfold their true purpose in a new career, spiritual practice, relationship or business. This means letting go of the old ways that no longer serve, which sometimes involves coming off of crutches like anti-depressants and other dependencies, learning to navigate fluctuating emotions and thoughts powerfully.

This leads to another another focus and passion of mine, which is the practice of forgiveness, especially around childhood, relationship and other long standing resentments and traumas. This is based on the process work of a forgiveness course I ran for two years called the 21 day Journey of Stones, which I will be bringing back soon.

​Whether I am doing shadow work or plant medicine integration, the crux of what I do is story-healing. I believe when you can truly become the author of your life and you are no longer the victim, you can truly step into your greatness. There are times therefore when I hold the space of coach and other times spiritual teacher and wise counsellor.

My mission is simply to create a world of presence and greatness by invoking, empowering and holding space.

This mission has been key to my own transformation as a man and has put me on an exquisite new journey of being an actual father for the first time. While I will definitely continue travelling and running big medicine ceremonies and sound journeys, my intention in the next while will be to stay closer to home to be with my beautiful partner and baby.

I will therefore be opening my diary to take on new coaching clients and embarking on wonderful journeys online and in my beautiful coaching space in Cape Town. While I am happy to do once-off coaching sessions what I am really looking for are clients who want to take on key areas of their life and are committed to their transformation over a program of sessions. This then really becomes your safe space to dive deep, release, connect and find the courage to do the seemingly impossible. If you are interested, email me at and we will set up a short free call to chat and see if there is alignment.


Once-off Session: R750
​Program package One: 4 x 1 hour sessions= R2400
Program package Two: 8 x 1 hour sessions= R 4000

Speak to me regarding

Payment plans are also available and special rates for those who have recently completed a medicine journey with me.




​Heinrich’s coaching is phenomenal. I can not explain the difference I feel in how I relate to the world, the people around me and myself. From feeling lost to being so at home in myself.
Heinrich holds a deep space of love and acceptance which allowed one to open up and explore aspects of oneself that are otherwise unable to access. He assisted me in rising to my full power in choosing how my I want my life to unfold and living as my authentic self. He does some amazing stuff with a powerful forgiveness pathway and shadow work. I can not emphasize enough that his main work is bringing back power to yourself and he does this by never having opinion of what you do, no judgment, only love. I highly recommend Heinrich if you are dealing with difficult emotions, integration, dealing with difficult relationships, not living a life that brings you joy, or looking to make big changes and just need a strong hand to hold through it all.
Tesha Heralal

“Through Heinrich’s coaching I was and still am able to address things that I have been powerless to for decades, thank you for the safe space you provide.”

“I was able to be honest and vulnerable because of Heinrich’s nature. He is a nurturer and knows how to help one navigate their emotional hide and seek

“Heinrich’s ability to hold space and explore those difficult things I was not able to find peace with, is a skill not many coaches have.You have made such a difference in my life, I finally know self-love”

“A wholehearted thank you for the sessions. I felt met, grounded, guided and held throughout, which has allowed me to begin feeling my bearings and how to take action. It has been a gift.”

I do believe I have met in you a bodhisattva, someone who has dedicated their time and energy to helping others, Someone I can trust, and open up about the things I feel most vulnerable about to. You have not imposed any rigorous agenda on me … In your responses to me, I felt understood, and the perspective you have given me has been gentle, and yet at the same time challenging.”