Heinrich (Tiger Hymn) Reisenhofer, co-founder of Wake Circle, a spiritual teacher, shamanic facilitator and medicine singer with an exquisite healing voice and unique music style evolved over many years of facilitating shamanic ceremonies. He has committed himself to engendering transformation through the healing power of music, coaching and shamanic medicines, guiding people back into connection with their higher power.

His very first memory of his life direction came as a young altar boy where he felt called to enter the Catholic priesthood in service of God. It did not take him long growing up to become disenchanted with the dogma of religious institutions, refocusing his desire to serve the struggle to end oppression in, what was then, apartheid South Africa. From his early days of anti-aparthied activism he had always been passionate about transformation which initially translated into career as a multi award-winning theatre director where he created social awareness stories that provoked social change and political awareness and toured many of the worlds stages. As a director he had an uncanny ability to empower those previously disenfranchised and voiceless to share their stories powerfully. In this arena he coached many artists to achieve success and accolades in their various expressions as well as creating one of South Africa’s most successful and longest running local comedy brands.

Despite these successes he felt that he was still not creating the kind of change he wanted to see in the world. At that time he was also dealing with personal breakdowns and depression in his own life and found himself called to embark on a journey of healing and spiritual awakening. This took him to visit India and various other spiritual sites which reignited his own devotional practice. He trained and practiced as a life coach and facilitator working for a number of years with international transformation organisations: Landmark Worldwide and then Mankind Project. During this time he was called by the spirit of Ayahausca to sit in ceremony where he experienced a number of deeply profound revelations and awakenings around his own life path: he was called to walk the medicine path and to channel through song and story-healing.

​It was here that he met Nathan Raaths and founded a deep spiritual relationship of brotherhood, alignment and love which evolved into the the medicine partnership they have today. Training with various traditional healers, facilitators and spiritual teachers both local and rom Brazil he has since carved out his own unique path as a contemporary medicine man guided by plant spirits. On this path he created the forgiveness process and course called Journey of Stones which he ran for two years and created #JustMen, a highly impactful three year theatre project tackling the issue of gender based violence by empowering men to own up, share and heal their stories. In this time his medicine path continued to grow from strength to strength serving and holding the space for the medicines of Ayahausca and San Pedro and well as evolving his Tiger Hymn primal breath-work and sound healing odyssey which featured in holistic festivals, retreats and centres around the country. In these spaces he has honed his capacity as a facilitator to hold big spaces with large groups of people assisting them to find peace and healing with various aspects of trauma, inner conflict and confusion.

“San Pedro and Ayahuasca have both played a profound part in my own life journey allowing me to reconnect to my voice, my sacred masculine lineage as well as putting me on a extraordinary journey to empower men and woman to heal their sacred relationships with themselves and mother nature to find their spiritual and creative purpose in life.”

​Heinrich has now committed his life together with Nathan to building Wake Circle, a shamanic community and tribal family
of like-minded souls committed to the sacred practice of holding space which he sees as the only type of space where he has experienced genuine, naturally occurring collective transformation.
He is also newly embarking on the journey of fatherhood and family, which he sees as
part of building conscious community for the next generation.
He is considered a spiritual father and brother to many walking their way back home.