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I am a contemporary shamanic practitioner and consciousness activist sharing the transformational medicine of sacred song, coaching sessions, sound journey, plant medicine ceremony and story-healing for those who seek to awaken their wellbeing, divine connection and primal greatness. Each of us deserves to live an extraordinary life of purpose, guidance, freedom and full self expression. My mission is to empower you to access your own capacity for self-healing, spiritual actualisation so that you can discover your greater truth, power and calling whatever that may be. Everything you are seeking is already within you: your song, your expression, your mission, your joy and your wellbeing; I will hold the space for you to find it and bring it forth.

Open Heart, Open Mind
Heinrich (Tiger Hymn) Reisenhofer

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​”I highly recommend Heinrich if you are dealing with difficult emotions, especially after a medicine ceremony, dealing with difficult relationships, not living a life that brings you joy, or looking to make big changes and just need a strong hand to hold.”

“Heinrich your voice can only be described as a cosmic gift, I still vividly remember the powerful shifts while in ceremony listening to your singing”

“Heinrich’s gentle energy allows the space for healing and love no matter where you are in your journey. He overflows with love for people. The sacred singing circle was a magical experience. haux haux”

​”I can’t tell you how much the ceremony helped me. It lifted so much pain from me. Feeling really amazing so far. Appreciate your work a lot. “

“I don’t know how I am going to say this. Everything is different and its amazing. I feel like i have had five years worth of therapy in one night with Ayahuasca.”

“Thank you for such a powerful weekend. Also for holding such awesome space for us all. It was challenging but even through the challenges it was the best gift I could ever have given myself”

“Thank you and yet thank you is so insignificant. I feel so blessed and honoured to have had you guiding me on my journey, thank you for your patience your kindness, you will forever stay in my heart.”

Heinrich held a safe space for us to release years and years of pain, anger, and all different types of emotions. And then he soothed our souls, minds and bodies with his talented musical abilities. Ofcourse, we sang along, but there was something more Divine and soul-fulfilling about this experience.
I feel content, calm and at peace. I would 100% recommend this experience. We need it as humans. It’s important to let go.

My meeting you was not by chance, but by Providence. I do believe I have met in you a bodhisattva, sometime who has dedicated their time and energy to helping others.”

“Thank you so much for being there for me, I feel so transformed and don’t know what I would have done without your guidance as I truly felt lost, but now feel so at home with where I am.”

Heinrich’s ability to insightfully hold space to explore those difficult things I was not able to find peace with is a skill that not many coaches have.

“Heinrich helped me realize that I needed to face my pain and my past. And the starting point was FORGIVENESS. We worked through forgiveness steps. I learnt that the best gift I could give myself is to first transform what is on the inside and focus on my own self journey. And that Forgiveness is an integral part of my transformation journey.”
​P. S.

“This medicine is truly magical and abundant; a source for deep connection.
With his experience and love for the medicine, Heinrich really opened me up to the power in myself and the infinite source of beauty and strength that lies within. Which is really what any of us are looking for, a guide to find the joy within. I am so glad I trusted him enough to go on this journey. The private ceremony allows you to get the full attention from him and to me it felt like years of therapy. He feels the working of the medicine in you and asks the right questions and at the right time. He gives you the space and time alone or the guidance according to your requirements. I really felt his love and respect and that in itself was empowering. He shared numerous suggestions for connecting with myself which are invaluable and has set me on an amazing journey to find my passion and purpose on this earth.”

‘​I’ve been an avid attendee at Tiger Hymn now for about a year and can definitely recommend it. The breathwork is intense, but one of the strongest of medicines,”

The most incredibly beautiful mind blowing experience last night at the Sound and Breath Journey. The sounds of the Magical instruments combined with the most wonderful singing and chanting were so powerful. Thank you for this sublime experience.

“I attended the Four Medicine Ceremony this past weekend. Heinrich is an incredible space holder and he really helped assist me in taking this journey.
It was my first plant ceremony and I cannot wait for the next one. Absolutely magical. Thank you so much”

“The powerful breath guidance, voice, sound and safe holding space, allows me to process and release in a way I am not able to do or access by myself. I feel lighter, more spacious & expanded.
Thank You!! So blessed to be able to experience your magic.”

WOW! Very powerful and beautiful experience. Loved it will definitely be back. thank you

“I attended a sound odyssey last night . Mind blowing . A breathtakingly beautiful experience . Anytime this is on in JHB I will be there …. exceptional . Can’t wait for the next one”

“Heinrich holds space so well, making everyone feel so welcome. It was a beautiful and transformative journey. I really enjoyed the singing at the end, it was a real heart opener looking forward to the next one!”

“Perfect introduction to plant medicine ceremonies for me so grateful, thank you!”

“I experienced my first Tiger Hymn breath and sound journey, and it was EPIC. I never knew anyone in attendance and it didn’t matter. The whole experience was beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. Nathan and Heinrich are masters at what they do. Space holders, joy bringers and beautiful souls. I encourage anyone to try it at least once… I guarantee, you’ll be hooked. Much love x”

“Awesome mind blowing experience… extremely grateful for this privilege.”

Beautiful evening…, so much love in the room & the beautiful sounds from their voices & instruments. Great session for throat (self expression) & heart chakra (being able to let go). Thanks so much guys…will definitely be back!